Summer Heat - 14 piece Makeup Brush Set

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Quick-drying fibrous hair

Full and fine hair texture with even layers.
After the wire bending process, the hair is wavy, and the elasticity is moderate and soft. Some of brushes use wool hair ,with soft touch. Easy to apply makeup and clean.



Glassy orifice tube

Gold-plated aluminum tube, shiny as mirror.
Thickened design, durable and difficult to deform.



Creative brush handle

The brush handle uses plastic cement, the unplated part leaves a transparent shape, naturally forming a bubble pattern. Durable and flexible handles for precise, natural-looking application.


01 Powder brush

Flat tube arc-shaped bristles, rich and dense hair volume, hair peaks are slender and soft, do not shed hair, expertly sweep on blush, bronzer, and finishing powder.

02 Contour Brush

Smaller arc-shaped bristles that conform to the contours of the face and easy to control shadow area.

03 Foundation Brush

The bristles are solid and soft, do not wast powder and leave no
brush marks. The sloping brush head is easy to apply,
including details such as the corners of the eyes and nose,
making it easy to create a seamless base

04 Blush Brush

The brush head is flame-shaped, round and plump, easily grasping powder without heavy hands, it can smudge blush with natural temperament, weakening the edge line

05 Highlight Brush

Arc-shaped bristles, convenient for controlling the highlight position,
suitable for brightening the bridge of the nose, t area, etc.

06 Large Eyeshadow Brush

Flat tube arc-shaped bristles, rich in hair volume, good powder adhesion, suitable for large area of ​​eye shadow

07 Blending Brush

Made of goat hair,this loose, dome-shaped brush is perfect for blending eyeshadow. 

08 Blending Brush

Middle size,mad of goat hair,apply and combine shadow shades 09 Blending Brush. 

09 Blending Brush

Middle size,mad of goat hair, apply and combine shadow shades. 

10 Eyeshadow Brush

It's great for getting very precise, intricate, and detailed eye looks.  

11 Pencil Brush

Small tapered bristle head designed to get close to the lash line for blending your favorite shadow or liner. Works for buffing and blending creams powders and eye pencils. 

12 Concealer Brush

The flat top gives all over, even coverage. The small bristle head is perfect for the hard to reach, yet delicate areas of the face,
such as around the eyes, nose and mouth. Get fantastic coverage and touch up perfection every time.

13 Lip Brush

UUse it to define lips, soften pencil lines and apply color. 

14 Eyebrow Brush

Angled eyebrow brush to shape and define eyebrows.

makeup brush
foundation brush
kabuki brush
make up brush sets
eye brow brush
make up brush sets,docolor brushes uk